Youth Leadership Team “YLT”



The Youth Leadership Team consists of 9th through 12th grade students and adults who actively participate in the life of the parish through a variety of activities. Resurrection is proud to have our youth be a visible presence in all aspects of parish life.




The purpose of YLT is to plan and present youth ministry events throughout the year. YLT meets monthly on Wednesdays. At the meeting, team members have the opportunity to socialize with peers, grow spiritually, learn more about their Catholic faith, participate in team-building exercises, learn leadership skills and plan youth ministry events. YLT plans and presents the Confirmation Retreat each January. The retreat theme is “Sealed and Sent.” Students are invited to give a personal witness to their faith, share their experiences in life, and most importantly, lead the Confirmation candidates into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

YLT has planned and participated in many stewardship activities including cookie baking, Christmas gift delivery to our elderly parishioners, the parish festival, babysitting in December and more. Our biggest annual stewardship project is the Trick or Treat for Food event. All Confirmation students and YLT members go out into the local community on Halloween and collect food for our St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry. Food collected is used to fill Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets for those in need.

YLT will have a team-building and yearly planning retreat. During the retreat, the team will grow in community and brainstorms plans for the upcoming year.

Current Youth Ministry events can be found on our website, in the parish bulletin, on the youth ministry bulletin board in the church entrance, or by contacting  Callie in the Youth Ministry Office at 563-556-7511 or by email at