Young Adult Ministry

Hey Young Adults!

Are you looking for something to help boost your faith during quarantine? Try some of these things! I will update at least weekly, shoot me an email if you have ideas on what you need to see here, I am praying for you!


Looking for some added life to your at-home worship? Here is a playlist of songs chosen to accompany each week’s Gospel passage this Summer!

Missing mass? Here is a video of Fr. Mike Schmitz celebrating mass. He will live stream here every Sunday at 9:00 am.

Looking for 5 practical take-aways from the coronavirus so far? Try this podcast!

Guys, are you missing some good old fashioned guy time?

Ladies, need a girls night? 

In case you’ve been holding your breath, young adult Bible study starting after quarantine! Stay safe and healthy!


Contact or at 556-7511 with any ideas or to be connected to a group!