Weekday Mass Cancellation Due to Weather Conditions

After reviewing past practices, the priests and parish staff of Resurrection have updated the policy regarding weather conditions and weekday Masses. Given the fact that all parishioners and priests are commuters to the church in the early morning hours we agreed that, in addition to school cancellations, if there would be any school delays the daily Mass would also be cancelled. The intention of the Mass will be rescheduled.

If public officials have determined that the weather conditions are threatening to school attendance, we will apply the same caution ourselves to Mass attendance. Please tune in to the local news stations to find out. Daily Mass attendance is commendable and serves as a great devotion to Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. However, it is not obligatory.

If the weather conditions improve that day and the roads are made clear, a later daily Mass is offered at 12 Noon at St. Joseph the Worker on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and at St. Patrick on Tuesday and Thursday.

That being said, as part of our Catholic faith practice we do have an obligation to attend Sunday Mass. We will celebrate weekends as usual unless an announcement is place in the news. However, if the weather is treacherous and you are faced with extreme difficulties and/or imminent dangers, please do not venture out, even for Mass. All parishioners, particularly those who are elderly and/or ill, should heed this message. Do not risk falling or getting into a traffic accident. The worsening weather conditions and your limited physical abilities lessen the obligatory nature of attendance. God smiles on those who use their common sense.