STEWARDSHIP: A way of life

Pray Gratefully A STEWARDSHIP PRAYER for October
Come, Holy Spirit!
Come down upon us.
Watch over us.
Guide us.
Make us good stewards of your wisdom.You are the promised one of Jesus,
the ultimate protector of the church
and its most vulnerable.
You are the Lord,
the giver of life who brings us
peace in the midst of storms
and comfort in our pain
and discouragement.
You are the one who
transforms weak and timid disciples
into bold proclaimers of the
Good News.

Breathe your life into us.
Unleash your power upon us.
Set us on fire!
So that our stewardship of the Gospel
may bring hope to others
and give glory to you,
Father and Son,
One God, forever and ever.

International Catholic Stewardship Council October 2018 NewsletterI
(permission granted by the International Stewardship Office)

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