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Scrip is a unique form of service to Resurrection Parish.  It is unique for three reasons:

1. It is free for the participant.
2. Both the purchaser of Scrip certificates and the volunteers who staff the program have the opportunity of giving service and monetary value to Resurrection Parish.
3. Most uniquely- the purchasing participants in the program actually can make money for themselves in the process.

Here’s how the program works:
When one buys a Scrip certificate for a participating business, the business gives a percentage (discount of that money) to the parish. Several local and national businesses are involved, and have discounts of 2% to 25 %. For example, one may order a $100 certificate. That business has agreed to give a 10% discount to the parish, so Resurrection pays the store $90. Thus, the person ordering will receive the full $100.00 certificate (usually in the form of a gift card) and the Scrip program records a $10.00 profit.

Each participant can decide if s/he wants 100% of his/her profits to stay with Resurrection, or to split with the parish so that 75% of the profit would be applied to tuition, and 25% would stay with Resurrection Parish. Tuition, in this case, refers to tuition at any of the Holy Family Catholic Schools (HFCS), Religious Education or confirmation classes at Resurrection, or Early Childhood at any of the HFCS. Families can even bank the money to be applied to a future student’s account (with some restrictions).

The Scrip program has been in place for over 20 years at Resurrection!  Over its history, it has raised over $500,000!  The money has been used mainly for non-budgeted expenses and capital improvements for the parish.

Volunteers help sort and fill the Scrip orders