Parish Committees

Pastoral Council The purpose of the Pastoral Council is to provide a structured way for laity, religious and priests to coordinate, encourage, promote, and participate in the apostolic, spiritual and administrative work of the parish.  This body is primarily responsible for creating a unified and coherent vision for the parish.  The Pastoral Council meets the fourth Wednesday of the month.  Members are elected in May for terms of three years.  
Buildings and Grounds Committee The Buildings and Grounds Committee is accountable to the Finance Council for the care, maintenance, improvement, and regular inspection of the parish properties.  The committee also submits to the Finance Council a prioritization of the needed repairs and improvements.  The Buildings and Grounds Committee, convened by the Pastor, meets as needed throughout the year.
Faith Formation Commission The Faith Formation Commission has a two-fold responsibility:  1) to set the goals which will address the faith formation and catechetical needs of the total parish community, and to evaluate how well the goals have been met; 2) to maintain a link between the parish and Resurrection School Site, and to insure that the faith dimension of the school remains paramount in its functioning.  This total approach to faith formation assures that all members of the parish have this area of their needs adequately met.  The group meets the second Tuesday of the month.
Finance Council The Finance Council has the responsibility of planning, providing for, and supervising the financial affairs and the physical properties of the parish.  It is concerned with stewardship, the budget, church support, and the effective utilization, care and maintenance of the parish properties.
Liturgy Committee The Liturgy Committee nourishes and gives direction to the liturgical and worship life of the parish.  Members of this committee include a deacon, the parish Music and Liturgy Coordinator, the Coordinator of Adult Faith Formation, and coordinators of all liturgical areas:  readers, Extraordinary Ministers of Communion, hospitality, music, art and environment, as well as any parishioner who has an interest in and desire to contribute to  liturgical planning and spiritual growth.  The Liturgy Committee meets the second Monday of the month.
Parish Community Life Committee The Parish Community Life Committee engages the parishioners in various activities as a means of building community.  The responsibilities of this committee encompasses all programs and activities of the parish which strengthen or create community, foster family life, or improve communication and connections among parishioners.   The Parish Community Life Committee meets the first Monday of the month.
Stewardship Committee The Resurrection Stewardship Committee’s primary goals are to continue urging stewardship as a “way of life” in the parish, and to educate parishioners on the concept of stewardship.  The committee meets the third Wednesday of the month at the Parish Office.
Social Justice Committee The Social Justice Committee is active in a variety of programs which promote peace, justice, and charity, both within and outside of Resurrection Parish.  After discussion of relevant issues, activities are planned to both educate and actively involve the entire parish community.  The committee has a two-pronged focus:  direct service to meet people’s needs, and advocacy to change the systems which cause injustice and oppression.  Meetings are on the third Monday of each month.