St. Vincent de Paul Society

If your heart is touched by those who have needs in our city, then St. Vincent de Paul provides the avenue for you to do something about it! These women and men meet once a month to evaluate needs and responses, to plan for upcoming projects, and frequently to hear guest speakers, especially from various community assistance organizations who keep the Society grounded in its mission.

St. Vincent de Paul Society provides vouchers for persons needing temporary overnight stays, gas, a meal, assistance with utilities; they also keep a stocked food pantry for families in need. They provide a large number of food baskets at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, and they also sponsor a giving tree for Christmas gifts for families. Although the names of persons served remain absolutely confidential, the Society itself is truly a “Visible Presence” in our parish. They are funded solely by donations and two fund raisers per year. All services are provided on a volunteer basis, so they welcome assistance at any level.

If you would like to join St. Vincent de Paul Society or if you want more information, call the parish office at 563-556-7511.

BeFriender Ministry

The Resurrection BeFriender Ministry represents our parish commitment to reach out to those in need of support, understanding, and reassurance during difficult moments in life. Much of this Christian ministry lies in the realm of the one-on-one presence of another person. The BeFriender Ministry is an effective outreach to those in need of someone to listen to them with a confidential relationship and without judgement. BeFrienders are not counselors or problem solvers; they simply extend the compassion and listening presence of Jesus.

Befrienders receive intensive training to provide the skills needed for this ministry. Each BeFriender relationship is relatively short-term which keeps the commitment manageable for most people. If you would like to become a BeFriender, or if you know of someone who could benefit from this ministry, please contact the parish office. All contacts remain confidential.

Bereavement Ministry

Bereavement ministry is an outreach to all those who have suffered any kind of loss–the death of a loved one, a divorce, the loss of a job, dissension within a family. It consists of six gatherings. The gatherings are designed to help people experience normal grief in a healthy way, not being overwhelmed by it, but going through it in a way that brings both a spiritual and a healthy emotional dimension to the process.

The Sunday bulletin will carry notices of the dates for bereavement gatherings, or you can call the Parish Office at 563-556-7511.

Staff visits to Hospitals

Resurrection has a staff person visit the hospital every day, Monday through Friday, and we keep the sick in our prayer. We are notified of your presence in the hospital if, and only if, you tell the admitting person that it is all right to notify the parish.  However, if you are admitted to the hospital after an emergency room visit, the hospital does not ask you the question about parish affiliation, and therefore we do not receive your name.  If you are in the hospital for a couple of days and no one has visited you, please contact the parish, or have someone call us for you.  No visit from us means that we do not know you are there. If you go to a hospital outside of Dubuque, please notify us so that we can keep you in prayer while you are away and, if desired, bring you Communion when you return home.

Finally, if you transfer from a hospital to a care center or assisted living, or if you simply move to one of these, please notify the parish so that we can visit you.  You are important to us, and we want to keep in touch with you!  (563-556-7511)

Visits to the Homebound 

Volunteers visit parishioners who are homebound. Please call the Parish Office if you know of a homebound parishioner who would appreciate a visit.  The Sunday bulletin can be mailed to a homebound parishioner upon request — just call the Parish Office (563-556-7511). Volunteers are able to bring Communion to a homebound person. Just call the parish office to arrange these visits.

When a person goes in to Hospice care, she or he has the opportunity to receive Communion every day from a team of volunteers. Again, just call the parish office to arrange these visits.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Remember the comfort of sitting in a chair and wrapping in a warm covering when spirits are low? The Prayer Shawl Ministry makes that possible for parishioners in need of an uplift.  Shawls are knitted or crocheted by parishioners and then given with a prayer card to parishioners who:

  • are seriously ill
  • in Hospice care
  • have suffered a loss through death or divorce, or a job loss
  • have just moved to a care center
  • are discouraged for any reason

To suggest someone who could use this comfort, please contact the Parish Office at 563-556-7511. If you would like to join this meaningful ministry, you may also call the parish office.