Our Staff

If you wish to speak with a parish staff member in person, feel free to stop by the
Parish Office at 4300 Asbury Road or call us at 563-556-7511.
Parish Office Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 8 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Fr. Phil Gibbs
Email: dbq058@dbqarch.org
Fr. Andy Upah, Associate Pastor
Email: dbq058ap@dbqarch.org
Deacon Mike Ellis, Pastoral Associate
Email: dbq058d@dbqarch.org
Deacon Jerry Jorgensen
Email:  j.jorgensen@dbqarch.org
Deacon Jim Schmidt
Email:  dbq058d2@dbqarch.org
Ellen Patch, Pastoral Associate Assistant
Email:  dbq058s1@dbqarch.org
Amy Dolan, Music and Liturgy Coordinator
Email: dbq058s2@dbqarch.org
Wendy Osterberger, Director of Religious Education
Email: dbq058re@dbqarch.org
Maggie Peiffer, Youth Ministry
Email: dbq058ym2@dbqarch.org
Gail McMahon, Communications & Volunteer Coordinator
Email: dbq058s4@dbqarch.org
Mary Leigh, Computer Software Application Support
Email: dbq058s6@dbqarch.org
Deb Kalb, Business Manager
Email:  dbq058s3@dbqarch.org
Mary Jo Dalsing, Secretary
Email: dbq058sec@dbqarch.org
Joe Hancock, Bookkeeper
Email: dbq058bk@dbqarch.org
Mary Schmidt, Parish Nurse
Email: dbq058N@dbqarch.org
Christy Whiteman, Parish Visitor
Email: dbq058S5@dbqarch.org
Denny Weber, Maintenance
Email: dbq058s8@dbqarch.org
Francine Quillin, PVBM (volunteer)
Email: dbq058s@dbqarch.org