Capital Campaign – Building a Visible Presence


Campaign Chairs
Tim & Sara Noonan
John & Stephanie Ottavi
Pat & Jennifer Ready
Honorary Chairs
Sr. Donna Demmer
Deacon Jerry & Mary Jorgensen
Barb Klein
Deacon John & Sadie Robbins
Campaign Committee
Fr. Phil Gibbs
Fr. Tom Heathershaw
Brad & Elizabeth Heying
Mark & Arlene Jobgen
Deb Kalb
Zac & Amy Scherrman
Scott & Kelli Wagner
Campaign Consultants
Michael & Whitney Davy –
Mark Davy & Associates
Campaign Prayer
Loving God, Perfect Teacher,
You guide, encourage, and are ever patient with us.
We thank you for your blessings and gifts.
Help us be your hands and your heart full of love.
Give us wisdom as we conduct this campaign to provide a facility
to nurture the promise in our youth,
and together build a lasting, visible presence of you.
Learn more about the Capital Campaign here:
Resurrection Capital Campaign Questions & Answers
Information on Volunteering for the Campaign
Resurrection needs many volunteers to make this campaign a success. An important aspect of this effort involves volunteers contacting parishioners and school parents through a personal visit. We will soon be enlisting a volunteer committee to recruit these visitors. We appreciate your consideration with these volunteer opportunities!

Click Here to Volunteer

Information on Giving to the Campaign
The information below is not meant to provide advice as each individual’s financial situation is unique. For further information or questions regarding how to make these gifts or the tax benefits, please consult with your accountant and/or financial advisor.

Before making a commitment to Resurrection’s Capital Campaign, it’s important that you know the following:

  • When receiving your commitment information, please take time to consider and pray over the amount to give
  • Please do not reduce giving to our annual giving for operations in order to make a capital campaign gift
  • All giving to this effort is confidential. Only those in the office who record parish giving will know what you gave

In what ways can I make a gift to the capital campaign?
As you consider your commitment, please review the following options:

Envelopes or Electronic Giving
Most donors will make gifts and pay their pledge by check or electronic giving. Such charitable contributions may be tax deductible.

 Appreciated Stocks and Bonds
Funding charitable giving with appreciated stocks or bonds may be advantageous to both you and the campaign. In most cases, you will avoid paying any capital gains taxes while receiving a full value charitable deduction, and Resurrection will receive a liquid asset. To claim these benefits, stocks/bonds must be transferred to our parish rather than selling them and donating the proceeds.

Individual Retirement Account
The Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Charitable Rollover provision allows individuals who have reached age 70½ to donate to charitable organizations directly from their IRA, without treating the distribution as taxable income. Below are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • Distributions can be made from more than one IRA, however, you are limited to a total of $100,000 per year, per person. A couple with separate IRAs can give a total of $200,000/year.
  • IRA withdrawals and gifts must go directly to the charity from the IRA plan administrator.
  • Rollover gifts to charity will count favorably toward the IRA’s annual minimum required distributions.

Gifts from the cash value of life insurance
Some people have accumulated cash in insurance policies that they can give.

Appreciated Real Estate
Giving real estate which has been held for over one year and appreciated in value may provide tax benefits to the donor. These benefits may include the full market deduction and no capital gains tax.

Employer Matching Gift
Many companies offer matching gift programs. A corporate match may allow you to double, or even triple, the impact of your gift!

How do you secure a matching gift to Resurrection’s Capital Campaign?

  1. Make your gift to the campaign.
  2. Check with your employer’s HR department to see if a Matching Gift Program exists.
  3. Ask HR for a copy of the Matching Gift Form, and complete your portion.
  4. Submit the Matching Gift Form to Resurrection!