BeFriender Ministry

Everyone is at times on a difficult journey and needs a caring companion who will listen, empathize, and be a reminder of a caring faith community. BeFrienders provide care through a listening presence to anyone experiencing grief, loss, transition, or other concerns, due to such situations as:

Cancer or chronic illness
Divorce or separation
Death of a loved one
Job loss/career change
Challenges of Parenting
Stresses related to getting married
Living with someone who has an addiction
Financial concerns
The stress related to care-giving
Buying/losing a home
Having a relative who has Alzheimer’s

SOME QUESTIONS you may have about the BeFriender Ministry:

Q. If my family member has a BeFriender, does that mean that I am not meeting his/her needs?
A. Not at all!  A BeFriender cannot take the place of family or friends in someone’s life.  For many, though, a BeFriender is a supportive visitor beyond the family.

Q. How often will a BeFriender visit?
A. The frequency is determined by the person visited and the BeFriender.  A visit typically takes place every week or two and lasts about an hour.

Q. What if I cannot think of anything to say to the BeFriender?
A. The BeFriender does not come to you to gain information.  Rather, she or he will listen and respond, trying to support you at this time in your life, without giving advice or making judgments.  And BeFrienders are comfortable with silence.


BeFriender Ministry is not a ministry of “doing,” but of “being,” being present and listening quietly.

If you would like a BeFriender to visit with you, or if you have any questions about BeFriender ministry, please contact:
Sandy Kahle at 582-5818 or
Mary Schmidt, RN at 556-7511 or

Informational brochures are available at all of the church entrances